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California Neurosurgical Institute has embarked on a long-term commitment to fund research through a Research Foundation focusing on the neurosciences and leveraging the unique resources and skills in the neurosciences in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding communities.

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SpineTrack Outcomes Registry


Originally funded through Research Grants in 2016, patient outcomes registry and tracking began in reality in 2018. Led by PhD Neurosurgeon, Grace Mooney, conference presentation and publication is in development to discuss the findings of CNI’s work in Outcomes Research.

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CNI has surgeons committed to the training and education of neurosurgeons around the world. Over the past decade, numerous medical students have been sponsored to join CNI as Fellows. The Fellows come from a wide range of countries. Please see the listing by year, name and country.



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The surgeons of CNI have strong academic background and research interests across multiple specialties of Neurosurgery. Current developments and innovations include neuromonitoring, neuromodulation, and neuro-electrodes. Future updates will describe these innovations in more detail.

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